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Texture Résumé

The Chef 


Gaelle Lopez

          Gaelle was born and raised in France. She always had been passionate by French food and more importantly the pastries.

          Arrived in America in 2012, Gaelle realized how much she was missing French pastries. So, she decided to bake, bake and bake. 

         In 2018, she finally decided to go back to school to improve her skills and obtain her French Pastry Chef Diploma in 2019.

Now, she is ready to share with you the tasty goodness that is the French pastry.

     In 2015, Gaelle was part of an amazing adventure. She was chosen to be a feature in the book: "Real food, real Kitchens New York Cookbook" by Craig Chapman.
     Gaelle shared with the reader one of her favorite French recipe: Carbonnade Flamande ( Beef and Beer stew) 

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